Sugar ribbons, spun sugar, blown sugar – all about sugar work

Sugar Ribbons

Sugar ribbons, spun sugar, blown sugar – all about sugar work

When it comes to decorations with a real “wow” factor, there’s not much that can beat advanced sugar working techniques. From beautiful multi coloured sugar ribbons to elegantly spun sugar falling in soft and delicate sweet strands, sugar decorations can really take your masterpieces to a whole new artistic level.

Sugar work is definitely not for the faint of heart and can be quite tricky not to mention dangerous due to the very hot temperatures required to work with the sugar mixture. If you are going to attempt sugar work, always wear gloves when working with hot, hot sugar!

Different types of sugar work

Pulled sugar ribbons – sugar ribbons are made by pulling sugar into a thin and long glossy ribbon. They can then be worked into beautiful designs such as curls and bows. Sugar workers will often combine different colours to create patterns and stripes in the ribbons. The sugar pulling technique can also be used to make flowers, leaves and other intricate designs.

Spun sugar – sugar spinning creates thin delicate strands of sugar that join together to form beautiful caramel netting. You can use spun sugar to create elegant sugar nests or use it to finish off a towering croquembouche or tiered cake design.

Blown sugar – sugar blowing resembles glass blowing and allows you to create beautiful spheres and globes that you can further shape into different designs. Expert sugar sculptors will combine all of these techniques to create intricate scenes and sculptures that can truly be described as fine art.

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